The Importance of YouTube & How To Generate More Traffic

The Importance of YouTube & How To Generate More Traffic

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. A Google product is the number one video-sharing website with 4 billion visitors making a search daily and 60 hours of video uploaded every minute.

The Importance of YouTube

Now SMBs must consider these two facts – uploading and marketing videos on YouTube helps to give your content visibility in both the platform YouTube as well as in Google Search. Thus, it increases your possibility to drive more traffic to your website.

The Importance of YouTube

The YouTube channel serves as the hub for companies’ video contents allowing them to present product, service or mission to a platform that has a unique 800 million visits each month.

How is YouTube going to amplify your content visibility?

  • Currently YouTube have over 300 million active users that are almost equivalent to the total US population. With 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, it can be a great tool to reach out to and gain profit from this huge market.
  • People love to listen and watch more than reading out information. Thus, YouTube videos are engaging. They are entertaining and present information in an interesting and creative way.
  • YouTube serves as the link to your website. It is the gateway to increased traffic. It is a well established website where you can tap the power of YouTube and funnel more visitors to your site.

Let us get into the details and find out how you can really use YouTube for your good?

1.Develop YouTube Visibility

Well, more than ten thousand videos are added to YouTube each day. If you have kept YouTube untouched and did nothing to increase your visibility in the past few years, then your videos will be buried in YouTube.

The Importance of YouTube

How will you increase the brand visibility via YouTube?

  • Use a descriptive Video Title and add words that include words, which is more searchable. Use long tail specific keywords. For example, “how to prepare for a customer care executive interview” or “5 ways you can improve your speech skills”.
  • Tag the location of your video: this helps Google include your brand in their SERP and index your video in Google Maps and Google Places.

2.Grow Your Network

Uploading a video is a great way to spread the word for your brand and this can be through building a network. Convince people to subscribe to your channel and once they subscribe, uploads will be fed to their profiles.

The Importance of YouTube

How will you convince them?

  • Ask people to subscribe at the end of your video with a call to action button
  • Ask viewers to click on the links (website of social media accounts)
  • Respond to viewer’s comments
  • Post your videos in social media sites
  • Create high quality original videos

3.Brand Your Page

Branding is an important factor and many features to brand your YouTube channel are free. Customize the background of your channel, display social networks and create a custom header to mark your presence in YouTube.

The Importance of YouTube

How can you brand your page in YouTube in the upright manner?

  • Uploading a custom background is the testament for your official presence at YouTube. Make sure your YouTube channel preserves simplicity, high quality and highlights the brand with feasible features.
  • Highlight the social networking channels, blog or websites. The latest upgrade in YouTube gives you ample opportunity to display other online options of your company.
  • Custom banners and layouts to improve user experience, but unfortunately this comes at a cost compared to other free optimization suggestions. If you’re a non-profit organization then you can take the free option or else you have to explore the payment option.

4.Descriptive Playlists in Trend

Playlist helps to organize videos on your channel in groups based on the topic of your choice. Playlist helps to increase the visibility of your channel content.

The Importance of YouTube

How do you optimize your playlist for better visibility?

  • Start grouping the videos of a similar topic into the playlists. It is the common behavior of the users to watch another video of the same content right after they view one on that topic.
  • Start using keyword-focused titles for your playlists.
  • Make sure to use a keyword focused description for the playlist you organize for your brand.

When you have something to prove to the audience that you have features to present your brand as unique, they will keep viewing your videos. Update your channel regularly to keep the momentum intact. So speed up your YouTube activity!